Digital Dynamic Banner Ads

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include within the banner ad a button to ‘tap for audio’.  These ads actively seek out individuals who fit a profile defined by the client. Once identified as fitting the criteria, digital ads are delivered on websites they most frequently visit.  It’s like having the Yellow Pages delivered instantly on their devices.

Digital ads are targeted (sent), using a highly refined criteria:
Geography: target markets by county, zip code, neighborhood, or mile radius.

Audience: key demographics, ability to choose gender, age, HHI, homeownership, etc.

Pre-determined keywords and phrases take the targeting one step further and seek out individuals who are actively searching for information or products related to YOU.

The ad network database includes MILLIONS of websites (e.g. Facebook, CNN.com, HGTV.com)
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Targeted Video Marketing (Pre-Roll)

includes video ad placements on sites that have the most watched video traffic by geo-location of target audiences

Ads can be tailored to target demographics based on:
  • Geography
  • Gender 
  • Age
  • Income
  • Interests (what they search for, sites they visit, etc.) 

Real Time Reporting

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From your computer, you’ll be able to watch:
  • what your exact click through rate is in real-time
  • exactly how many impressions have been delivered
  • what geography is responding to and/or receiving the impressions
  • what websites are being delivered to

Reports can be customized to match your needs!

Production fee(s) range from $0 - $750.00  All rates / fees subject to change.