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It depends largely on personal preference, but they all have listeners.  As Michael Corbett explains in his book The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising, “many, if not most radio stations have sufficient numbers of people in their audience to generate a few prospects per day for almost any business.”  In radio your most valuable player is morning drive.  Actually it always has been.  But in addition, it used to be a sound strategy to place your commercials broadly throughout the day.  However we don’t listen to radio the way we used to.  We are busier today than ever before.  There are more options available for music, news, sports and information.

There is one constant that hasn’t changed though.  Eighty-six percent of Americans drive to work and broadcast radio accounts for 70% of in-car listenership, according to Edison Research’s Share of Ear, a quarterly study of consumer audio habits.  People develop a strong loyalty to their morning radio host(s), often referring to them on a first name basis.

Morning tends to be the most responsive to advertising messages.  Programming is more interactive and upfront.  People are fresh, more alert and active in their listening at this time of day.  Use the strengths of your most valuable player!  Schedule your message in the same morning drive hour everyday(*) Monday through Friday on as many different radio stations / formats as you can afford.   In some cases, the 5p-6p afternoon drive hour might be better for you.   (*)An alternative strategy is to schedule the same drive time hour 3 days per week.  Since days run together very quickly, your message will be perceived as being heard every day!
The station is not as important as the strategy.  Hit the target every day using the same hour.

What commuters want each morning that only local radio can deliver:

•Weather – 54%

•Traffic – 51%

•News – 41%

A local radio station gives you traffic, sports, weather, great music, funny DJ’s and talks about your town.
Spotify has these robotic music playlists, which are awesome, but there’s no one telling you what happened
at the game last night.